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It seems as though the world has gone mad. The debate has become angry, irrational, and all too often, absurd. Both sides argue about everything and agree on nothing. It’s hard to distinguish between fake news and real events, and the truth gets more remote every day. The people who are supposed to lead us – politicians, CEOs, academics, and media – seem incapable or uninterested in agreeing that we have serious problems, finding common ground solutions to our most pressing challenges, or just having a sane, calm, discussion.

The assault on reason is everywhere and we are left to fend against the relentless assault of activists and elites who feel that their job is to protect us from ourselves, rewrite our history, censor our speech and tell us how to live our lives. Even worse, they destroy the environment for reasonable debate and understanding of the issues, while eliminating any humor or humility in our public debate. Who doesn’t harken back to a time when reasonable people could disagree, the facts prevailed, and compromise was not a dirty word? To sum it up, we have lost the voice of reason. We need to get it back. We need to lead with reason. That is our mission.

Lead with Reason is a platform to take on the issues, consider the facts, and call out the screamers, deniers, haters, and hypocrites in a way that brings us back to reason, and holds them accountable for being unreasonable. If we can make you laugh while we are doing it, so much the better.

We have problems. We need dialogue. We need solutions. We need leadership. Bringing back the voice of reason is the only way we will get there. We want people thinking again, talking again, and working together again to lead with the reason in all of us.

Every voice is needed and can lead with reason. Join us!

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